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Custom Orders


Golden Paws Candle Company was started on the premise of hand pouring an inventory of soy candles and selling them as we made them. This is something we are very proud of, and something we still do to this day. With that being said, we obviously have expanded the size of our inventory, the amount of scents that we offer, and the size of the orders we fulfill. Since we offer only hand poured soy candles, we do need a variable lead time based on the size of the order. We do fulfill large soy candle orders, and upon receiving your personalized quote, we will give you a lead time on the quote. These lead times are based on and start from the time the order is placed. Continue reading to see the different types of occasions that would be made even better with hand poured soy candles.

Wedding Gifts

What better way to wow your guests and give them a lasting impression than giving all of the guests at your wedding a personalized candle with your favorite scent and a custom label so they can remember your special day. Additionally, included in your quote is a special candle for the bride and groom, with the same scent as the gifted soy candles, so you can share your love with all of your guests with the light of a match.

Bridal Party Gifts

All of your closest friends and family are there with you and your significant other for your entire special day (as well as many others we know are special), what better way to thank the ladies and gentleman in your bridal party than the gift of a custom soy candle? Golden Paws loves creating these custom soy candles because we care about your special day and want to make sure that it is the most memorable day of your lives.

Bridal and Baby Shower Giveaways

Important milestones in our lives call for thoughtfulness in the details so we can remember these days forever. One of the strongest ways the human mind can recall memories throughout their lives is through the sense of smell. By creating a special scent for these important milestones you can instantly take you and your closest family and friends back to these memorable days every time you light your candle.