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A perfect gift for the holiday season!

A perfect gift for the holiday season!

Posted by Katelyn Mersits, Owner on Nov 20th 2020

Looking for that perfect gift for the holiday season! Look no further because we have it! Golden Paws Candle Company has a variety of scents in 3 different sizes for any family member, friend, coworke … read more

How long do our soy candles burn?

Mar 30th 2020

This is probably the most asked question we get through our email as well as in person at craft shows. This is actually a very good question. To feed you a little bit of general soy candle information … read more

Golden Paws Soy Candles for Occasions

Dec 23rd 2019

Golden Paws Candle Company is well known in the Northern Indiana area for their soy candles and for giving back to the dog community. Something many people do not know is that Golden Paws also does la … read more

Soy Wax Advantages

Dec 8th 2019

Soy candles are becoming a popular choice among candle lovers. As you are probably assuming, there are actually many reasons to want to burn a soy candle over other paraffin wax candles or a blended w … read more